Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All set and ready

Now everything is set and ready. I have the visitor's counter, google adsense and some useful gadgets. Why I did this? I will "walk the talk", "preach what I teach".

For team, the buzz is always SEO and let us start from here. This will be the criteria, your reaction either violent or otherwise is welcome.

Most number of hits : 20%
Highest earnings from Google adsense : 20%
Most number of comments : 20%
Most number of posts: 20%
Google ranking : 20% (using these keywords: qtech bpo, quezon, lucena, tayabas, business process outsourcing)

Should the given criteria is not acceptable, post your comment here. :)



Tristan A. Escritor said...

wOw!it sound interesting huh!... I'm hoping everybody will make their own blog.

raineyen said...