Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who Needs a DSLR?

If I could shoot a picturesque sunset in Boracay using a point and shoot digital camera.

Fujifilm Finepix s5800
aperture : F/9.8
shutter speed: 1/512 sec.
focal length : 81mm
ISO 64

or this preset macro settings.

Fujifilm Finepix s5800
aperture : F/3.5
shutter speed: 1/91 sec.
focal length : 9mm
ISO 64

and another one taken from a park in Tayabas.

Panasonic DMC LS-1
focal length : 6mm
ISO 100


Nonette said...

Nice photos... I love the photo of Boracay sunset. But the third one taken from a park in Tayabas
( http://tayabas.ph/ ) is much nicer, because of the light color and of course, it's the color of our team CSIT... Eneweiz, this is my blog ...


-noNetTe :-)

nylla said...

so youre asking who need that, i think i want that kinda awesome dslr model. its so nice to capture sceneries, images or objects....

nice post...

btw heres my blog http://www.nyllaelleixer.blogspot.com/


x0xjezreelx0x said...

Sunset was great. thousands of meanings.. millions of emotions..it will goes only into two: A new beginning... or a dark ending and farewell...

Nice shoots.. Here's my blog posts..


leomark said...

Those pictures taken using dslr (Digital single-lens reflex camera) compare to the other cameras I know is much better. It shows more detailed about the pictures, so that the viewers of those pictures can clearly see the differences on each pictures taken.

Source: http://leomarkrc.bogspot.com

A.K.K.I.N said...

hi sir..
this is my blog.. mlkn.blogspot..

gracie said...

it's a nice photo sir i do know what DSLR all about but when i research it it means digital single-lens reflector camera a digital camera that uses a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera.the picture is great.
by the way sir im Mary Grace Mercurio
and my blog site is